FED STD 595 is canceled. AMS STD 595 supersedes FED STD 595
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These delivery terms and conditions shall be applicable to the formation and the contents of and the compliance with all contracts entered into between the Consumer and the Entrepreneur.
Consumer will agree with this terms and conditions when the Consumer is ordering from the Entrepreneur.
1. Additional agreement: an agreement in which the Consumer acquires products, digital content and/or services with respect to a distance agreement and these goods, digital content and/or services are delivered by the Entrepreneur or a third party on the basis of an arrangement between this third party and the Entrepreneur;
Reflection period: the period during which the Consumer may use his right of withdrawal;
Consumer: the natural person who does not act for purposes related to his/her commercial, trade, craft or professional activities;
Day: calendar day;
Digital content: data produced and delivered in digital form;
Continuing performance contract: a contract serving to deliver goods, services and/or digital content in a given period;
Sustainable data carrier: any means, including email, that allow the Consumer or the Entrepreneur to store information directed to him/her personally in such a manner that makes future consultation and use possible during a period that matches the purpose for which the information is destined and which makes unaltered reproduction of the stored information possible.
Right of withdrawal: the Consumer's option not to proceed with the distance agreement within the cooling-off period;
Entrepreneur: the natural of legal person who provides products, (access to) digital content and or services to Consumers at a distance;
Distance contract: a contract concluded by the Entrepreneur and the Consumer within the scope of an organized system for distance selling products, digital content and/or services, whereby exclusive or additional use is made of one or more technologies of distance communication up to the conclusion of the contract;
Standard form for withdrawal: the European standard form for withdrawal included in Appendix 1;
Technology for distance communication: a means to be used for concluding an agreement without the Consumer and the Entrepreneur being together in the same place at the same time.
2. Entrepreneur shall not guarantee characteristics, such as storage life, adherence, gloss, colour, light or colour fastness or wear-resistance.
3. Entrepreneurs liability on account of the contract with the Consumer shall be limited to the amount of the invoice.
4. Entrepreneur shall, furthermore, not be liable for damage in the form of loss of turnover or loss of goodwill in the business or profession of the Consumer.
5. All sales are final, products are non-returnable.
6. The Consumer can repudiate a purchase contract for a product without giving reasons for a period of reflection of at least 14 days. The reflection period referred to in sub-clause  starts on the day the product is received by the Consumer or by a third party appointed by him in advance and who is not the carrier, or if the Consumer ordered several products in the same order: the day on which the Consumer or a third party appointed by him received the last product. If the Entrepreneur has not provided the Consumer with the legally required information about the right of withdrawal or has not provided the standard form for withdrawal, the reflection period expires twelve months after the end of the original reflection period in accordance with the reflection period determined in the previous sub-clauses of this Article. If the Entrepreneur provided the Consumer with the information referred to in the previous article within twelve months after the starting day of the original period of reflection, the period of reflection expires 14 day after the day on which the Consumer received the information. If the Consumer exercises his right of withdrawal he shall notify the Entrepreneur unambiguously with the standard form for withdrawal within the period of reflection.
7. The Consumer shall return the product or deliver it to the Entrepreneur as soon as possible but within 14 days counting from the day following the notification referred to above sub-clause. The Consumer observed the period of returning the product in any event if the product is returned before the expiration of the period of reflection. The Consumer shall return the product in the original state and packing. The risk and the burden of proof for the correct and timely exercise of the right of withdrawal fall on the Consumer. The Consumer shall bear the direct costs of returning the product.
8. The Consumer does not bear any cost for the full or partial delivery of digital content not stored on a physical carrier if prior to the delivery, he has not explicitly consented to start performance of the agreement before the end of the period of reflection; he did not acknowledge to lose his right of withdrawal when giving consent; or the Entrepreneur failed to confirm the Consumer's statement. If the Consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, all additional agreements end by operation of law.
9. It is possible for the Consumer to purchase from the supllier without paying VAT, provided the Consumer meets certain conditions: the company is in the EU and has a valid VAT number. If the company is ordering from outside the EU, the principal will not be charged VAT.
10. Please note that we reserve the right to recharge VAT to the Consumer if the VAT number you have provided us with is incorrect or not registered.
11. Entrepreneur will not be liable for any loss or damages suffered by you through delay in delivery following despatch of the goods.
12. Entrepreneurs total liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise arising in connection with the performance, or contemplated performance of the services shall be limited to the price payable for the goods under the contract in any year.
13. Entrepreneur shall not be liable to you by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of its obligations in relation to the goods.
14. Entrepreneur shall not be liable for any deviations, errors and faults of the delivered goods.
15. The contract between the Entrepreneur and the Consumer shall be governed by Dutch law.
16. Name of Entrepreneur: Harzen 
Business address: Boeier 7, 9408 CE Assen, Netherlands
Email address: info@federalstandardcolor.com
Camber of Commerce the Netherlands: KvK 56567847 NL 2017
European Union VAT identification number: NL193992...
17. Appendix I: Standard form for withdrawal
Complete this form and return it only when you want to revoke the agreement.
Harzen, Boeier 7, 9408 CE, Assen The Netherlands
I/We hereby inform you that I/we wish to revoke our agreement on the sale of the following products:
Ordered on: __ / __ / _____
Name: _______________________________
Address: _____________________________

xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx